My Estate Planning Process


The process typically begins with an initial phone or email inquiry from the client. Following our initial contact, I will send you a user-friendly questionnaire to complete. We then have an approximately one–hour one–on–one meeting, at your convenience, to discuss how your financial and family circumstances fit into estate planning. At this meeting, I will explain in clear, lay terms the merits of the most appropriate planning strategy for you.

Once we´ve met, I draft the necessary legal estate and trust documents and send them to you for your review. After any necessary revisions or amendments are made, we will arrange a second meeting, again at your convenience, with a notary present to sign the documents. The process from the time of the first meeting to signing is typically about six weeks.

The final step is implementation. I handle the paperwork for any necessary transfers of title and can coordinate changes in beneficiary designation with your financial institutions. This phase typically takes two to three weeks, though it can be accomplished more quickly if extenuating circumstances require.