Estate Planning


Within Estate Planning, my services include assessment, strategy, trust documents, and implementation.

AssessmentStrategyTrust DocumentsImplementation

I. Assessment

  • Review in–take questionnaire to determine how client wants to distribute money
  • Review current assets to determine titling issues e.g. Community property, joint tenancy, and Tenants in common
  • Analyze current assets to determine most effective estate planning strategy—including generation skipping trusts
  • Determine whether gifting strategy is beneficial
  • Determine whether Irrevocable Trust would assist estate tax potential
  • Determine if succession planning of closely–held family business is warranted

II. Strategy

  • Based on an analysis of assets, discuss options to best implement clients wishes. My goal here is for you to understand clearly in lay terms the "blueprint" or strategy—its component parts and its rationale.

III. Trust Documents

  • Draft Revocable living trusts
  • Discuss and draft Healthcare Directives (Living Wills)
  • Draft Power of Attorneys–Durable and Springing
  • Draft Wills
  • Draft Grant deeds to transfer property into revocable living trust
  • Draft Certificates of Trust for financial institutions
  • Advise on Charitable giving and the establishment of charitable trusts
  • Draft Special Needs Trusts for problematic beneficiaries (e.g. Chemical dependence or mental and physical issues whereby beneficiary is eligible for Federal and State Benefits)

IV. Implementation

  • Guide clients in person through official signing of trust documents and any accompanying changes to beneficiary designation forms.
  • Oversee official paperwork transferring title of property and account beneficiaries
    to the trust.