Estate Planning

Trust Administration


For Trust Administration and Probate, I offer:

 I . Trust Administration

  • Draft Affidavits of Death and Certificates of Trust
  • Educate successor trustee regarding their fiduciary duties to administer the Trust
  • Draft Notices to beneficiaries regarding trust distributions
  • Assist with determining how to fund subtrusts.  Survivor, Marital (QTIP) or Bypass
  • Assist with overseeing Trust accounting by successor trustee
  • Assist with distributing assets to beneficiairis of the trust

II.  Probate

  • File Petiton to Probate estate on behalf of an Administrator or Executor of a Will
  • File all required court forms for Probate process
  • Provide accounting resources for Probate accounting, if required
  • File Final Petition for Order to Distribute estate
  • Provide Receipt of Distribution forms for beneficiaires in order to receive discharge for administrator or executor